All About Dessert E-Liquids


With the huge demand in the market now for vapes and vape flavours, the search for new and innovative flavours is on the rise. Since vaping is much less harmful than cigarettes, alot of people opting to quit smoking are switching to vapes. Dessert E-liquids are becoming increasingly popular these days. People with a sweet tooth, who are also either looking forward to quitting smoking, or want to try vaping, opt for dessert e-liquids. They offer a quick fix for those looking to vape sweet flavours. There are various flavours that come in dessert e-liquids. People try various combinations as well, all depending on their choice of desserts.

If you’re looking for a good everyday fruity vaping Dessert Eliquids try going with our recommendation of the top 3 best dessert e-liquids on the market today. They are affordable and incredibly popular. We bet you’ll love the blend of sweet, fruity and creamy essence of these flavours. 

Custard Flavours

Who doesn’t love custard? It is one of the most eaten desserts around the world. Similarly, custard is one of the most popular flavours to mix into your E-liquid of choice. Not only does it taste as great as the real dessert itself, but it’s also a readily available flavour everywhere. There are many different places to get custard e-liquids. You can choose low and high concentration flavours, one that befits your tastebuds. Try our own range of custard flavours available at Vape Cave which include Custard Monster Vanilla, Custard Monster Butterscotch, Peanut Butter, and Vapetasia Killer Custard.

Creamy Flavours

Another popular flavour is cream. Cream goes with a variety of desserts in combinations. People with sweet-tooth would know what we’re talking about. It is one of the most used flavours in dessert e-liquids. People who love creamy flavours usually go with the combination of creamy flavours with a fruit. It is widely available everywhere, and in combination with other flavours as well. Our Original Creamy flavour by Johnny Creampuff is a top-seller at Vape Cave.

Strawberry Flavours

Strawberry flavoured e-liquids in dessert varieties is also very common. Strawberries are one of the most common and popular fruits in the world. At Vape Cave, we serve strawberry flavoured dessert e-liquids in two varieties; Naked Strawberry and NolaBar Straw Nola.

When looking for fruit Juices for dessert e-liquids, you can also look into fruit juices that are created from fruit. One, in particular, that is very popular is orange. This juice tastes like an orange and often comes with a combination of lemon, fruits and mint.

Why Use Dessert E-Liquids?

Dessert liquids are a great way to get your dessert fix in a snap. You can find the perfect blend of fruit juices that will satisfy your palate. Just be sure to use a quality dessert e-liquid so that you don’t waste any juice. Also, remember to use the correct size dropper bottle for the correct amount of e-juice. With a little bit of imagination, you can come up with some really unique and delicious combinations of fruit juices and make your own sweetened desserts.

Lemon is one of the most popular juices to pair with dessert e-liquid flavours. There are literally hundreds of different combinations when it comes to mixing lemon and fruit. Some of the most popular flavours include mango, grapefruit, cantaloupe and Mandarin. These fruits can be combined with other flavors like apple, raspberry or pomegranate to create some delicious fruit juices for your dessert e-liquids. The only problem with mixing them is that the thicker and more powerful fruit flavours may overpower the softer flavors of the lemons.

Dessert e-liquids have become increasingly popular in the vape flavours market. They serve a nicotine craving for those looking to quit smoking and satisfy the sweet tooth issues as well. Visit the Vape Cave website to get access to a whole range of dessert e-liquids and start vaping now.

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