6 Tips To Get Rid Of The Vaper’s Tongue


Vaper’s tongue is a common vaping symptom in which a vaper loses their ability to taste the vape liquid. This is extremely common and sometimes occurs when a person vapes excessively. The disorder typically lasts a few hours or days and fades away entirely without inflicting any permanent damage. However, some vapers report that their tongues can go for up to two weeks without being able to taste the e-liquid flavor at all.

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What Is A Vaper’s Tongue? And Why Can’t You Taste Your Vape Juice?

We have between 2000 and 8000 taste buds in our mouths that regenerate every ten days. The sense of taste requires saliva to keep the taste buds working correctly. Unfortunately, one disadvantage of vaping is that it has been linked to dry mouth due to excessive mouth breathing (inhaling vape smoke). Therefore, when we don’t have enough saliva, our capacity to taste is almost non-existent.

Flavor exhaustion is another factor for the inability to taste e-juice. An investigation revealed that the sense of smell loses its awareness of an aroma as it is exposed to it. The whole flavor perception is created by combining the taste and smell senses. On the other hand, the sense of smell accounts for up to 70% of our ability to perceive flavor.

The final reason someone might have a vaper’s tongue is that they smoke. According to studies, smoking might permanently damage your taste buds. So, if you recently quit smoking or currently smoke, your sense of taste may have worsened. However, there is no need to be concerned because it usually resolves itself after a month, beginning from the time you quit.

Six Ways To Get Rid Of Vapers Tongue

Stay Hydrated

Several sorts of studies have proven that it has a good effect on a person’s health. However, if you have a vaper’s tongue, you may be able to benefit from water as well. Increase your water consumption to stay hydrated, especially if you vape daily. So, regardless of the cause of your dry mouth, your first goal should be to drink more water.

Use Oral Hydration Products

Biotene, or products similar to it, are oral hygiene solutions that can help relieve dry mouth. Biotene contains PG and VG, which help overcome dry mouth and thus avoid a vaper’s tongue.

Keep Your Tongue Clean

Cleaning your tongue before going to bed and after waking up is another approach to ensure that you always get the optimum flavor from your vape. So, add a step to your morning and evening routines by using tongue scrapers to remove the coating on your tongue. This will prevent you from developing a vaper’s tongue.

Quit Smoking

We all know that smoking has a lot of adverse side effects, including restricting your ability to taste. Therefore, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to quit smoking cigarettes.

Take Longer Breaks In Between Smoking

If you vape back to back, it will toll your taste and smell receptors. So it is essential that you cut back on your vaping, and one way to do that is by increasing the nicotine level of your vape juice. Higher nicotine content will help satisfy your cravings for a more extended period.

Keep Switching E-Juices

If you are vaping the same flavor repeatedly, you will eventually feel it getting less and less vibrant than it was before. The olfactory sense can’t tune in to a single smell for more extended periods.

Final Words

We hope these six tips will help you combat the vaper’s tongue in no time successfully.

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