5 Things To Consider Before Getting A Vape


The vape industry is booming in Pakistan. Even though it’s fairly new, the industry managed to attract a substantial number of smokers primarily because people understand the bane of smoking and wish to make better choices. 

Vaping can be a little confusing for newbies. Primarily because vaping has so much to offer that a fresh entrant can feel overwhelmed. That’s the beauty. Once you switch to vaping, you have so many choices. That makes the experience enjoyable, and most probably, you’ll never look back at smoking again.

If you are a smoker who’s looking to make a switch, then let us help make things easier and understandable for you. Here are 5 things to consider before getting your first vape: 

Know your requirements

Before making a purchase, be clear about what you want out of a vape. Many people solely wish to quit smoking with the assistance of a vape. Many wish to have a pleasant time making gigantic clouds. Whatever your requirements are, be clear before making a purchase.

Many people quit vaping and move back to smoking because they purchased devices that delivered against their expectations. If you are a heavy smoker and just want to fill up the nicotine, you are better off with a portable pod. However, if you are a casual smoker and wish to enjoy the vaping experience while leaving cigarettes, you’ll enjoy a high wattage device.

It’s all a personal preference, to be honest.

Understand the Nicotine levels

There are primarily two types of nicotine for vape users—freebase and salt nic. Freebase is the one that’s usually compatible with traditional vapes, while salt nic flavors are for portable devices. 

They come in various nicotine concentrations. For instance, salt nic offers 10, 25, 35, and 50 milligrams of nicotine. People can choose based on their nicotine needs. 

Similarly, freebase nicotine starts with 2mg and goes up to 24mg. Not all devices are compatible with each flavor. That’s why it’s essential to understand your nicotine needs to select the right device and have a pleasurable experience. 

To inquire and understand more about the subject, feel free to visit the vape cave. It is one of the few Online Vape Shop Pakistan that offers premium flavors and quality vape devices. Most international brands are available here.

Battery of Devices

Many people don’t factor in the battery of vape devices. Many devices offer great value but fail to deliver in terms of power backup. As a result, people tend to revert back to smoking because their devices lose charge.

Before making a purchase, consider the battery backup a device has to offer. Then match it to your lifestyle. If you are indoors most of the time, then you may get away with smaller battery devices. 

If your nature of work or lifestyle is more outdoorsy, you have to select a device that lasts a day, if not more. This way, you’ll not need to smoke and always have your device ready to give your brain the desired punch of nicotine.

Device management and Maintenance

Not all vape devices are equal. Some devices are simple plug-and-play devices where you discard a pod once it finishes and replaces it with a new one. That’s it, no hassle at all. However, many high wattage devices require Maintenance.

You’ll need to clean the tanks. Look out for potential leaks. Adjust the mods to suitable settings. So you’ll have to choose the device that best suits your taste. 

Final Thoughts

Vaping in Pakistan has become more than just a passing trend. People actually realize that it’s a helpful tool in quitting smoking for good. 

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