5 Reasons To Have An Electronic Cigarette Right Now


Smoking is one bane that’s hard for the world to deal. An estimated half a million people fall victim to smoking every year in the USA alone. The number jumps to an approximation of 5 million if we look at global stats. Not only that, around 50,000 people die due to second-hand smoking per year, basically out of no fault of their own.

This is one epidemic that’s claiming so many lives on the global level. There was a time when smoking was considered cool and manly. The charm’s long gone, and people have realized that it brings no good. Only harms.

These realizations are backed by scientific shreds of evidence. People contract so many deadly heart diseases, breathing problems, and other health issues due to smoking. Smoking even causes cancer. However, this is an addiction, which people just can’t seem to forego. 

Luckily there are better alternatives for people to get their nicotine doses. The main satisfaction offered by a cigarette is due to its nicotine content. However, with nicotine comes tar and other carcinogens in a cigarette. Those who wish to quit smoking should definitely consider switching to vaping. 

Not only is it a better alternative, vaping offers nicotine without other harmful chemicals and substances. If you are someone who’s suffering from smoking addiction, then here are 5 reasons to have an Electronic Cigarette right now:

It’s safer

Vaping doesn’t burn tobacco to give you nicotine. That’s what makes it safe. It prevents the lungs from taking heat that the tobacco burn gives off.

Moreover, with vaping, you avoid tar and carcinogens that you get from smoking a cigarette.

It’s better

Smoking leaves your mouth dry and smelly. Your habit may even annoy people around you, and you’ll always have bad breath. 

With vaping, you do not have to worry about disturbing others. Vape smells pleasant and leaves no after taste. In fact, some minty flavours can even leave your breath fresh. Overall, cigarettes have a certain heaviness to them that’s not there with vapes.

It offers variety

Cigarettes don’t have much to offer. With vaping, there’s a huge variety and options to choose from. Be it in terms of flavours or vaping devices. 

In fact, each individual can have a customized experience. That’s how vast the offerings of vaping are. You can choose flavours. You can change devices. 

Especially people who are making a switch can choose the devices and flavours that’ll help them to make the switch easily. All you’ve got to do is analyze your smoking habits and intensity and then buy the device and flavours that’ll be the perfect substitute.

A supportive community

Vaping community is full of ex-smokers. They the struggles of being a smoker and welcomes those who made the better choice. Vaping community is always helpful to people who wish to select the right devices and flavours. 

Moreover, there are tons of videos available on YT that’ll help you understand vaping and devices better. Once you understand that, all you’ve got to do is make the purchase. 

There are countless examples of people who were chain smokers but vaping made them smoking free for years.

Final Thoughts

Vaping is one alternative that’s disrupting the tobacco industry. Finally, there’s a way for people to get their nicotine punch without inhaling harmful carcinogens.

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