5 lifestyle changes that’ll help you quit smoking


Smoking claims millions of lives on an annual basis. Many people are struggling with this addiction but are clueless about letting it go. If you are here, then congratulations. At least you realize that smoking is bad, and you have the will to quit. 

There are several lifestyle changes that can assist you on your journey to becoming tobacco-free. Quitting smoking is not easy, especially in a city like Karachi, where cigarettes are readily available within walking distance. 

The first thing to develop is the will to quit. Once that’s set on the base level, then comes the changes. Here are 4 lifestyle changes that’ll help you quit smoking forever.

Increase your physical activity

Laziness leads to boredom. More people smoke out of boredom than those who actually crave nicotine. Moreover, smoking soothes your brain and calms it in a way. When you have intense physical activity, your brain will feel accomplished and tired.

That’s basically the same as getting a smoke. It is a common sight that physically active people aren’t common smokers. Even if they do, they usually smoke a lesser number of cigarettes compared to those who aren’t physically active.

Go for a jog, join the gym, cycle; just do anything that keeps you physically active and gets your body tired.

Avoid Company of smokers

You need to minimize your interaction with smokers. If you are constantly around smokers, it becomes a test of patience. Most people eventually give in to the urge and revert back to smoking. 

If you’ve decided to make a healthy choice, then stop being in the company of smokers. Instead, use that time to do something productive, especially if you are just starting out. At least in the initial phase, you must avoid smokers. Once you successfully quit for some time and develop a strong will against tobacco, then you may resume meeting with smoker friends. 

Till then, try and avoid them like a mouse avoids a cat!

Change your diet

Heavy meals can make you crave nicotine. It is quite common to see smokers have a satisfying cigarette after a heavy meal. They somehow get satisfaction out of it. 

To ensure that you don’t give any chance to your bodies to relapse, you should try switching to a lighter diet. Plan your diet, and ensure that you stick to it. Avoid junk foods at all costs. 

With a lighter diet plan, you’ll feel light and healthy. This way, your urge to smoke will drastically reduce. If you complement this diet change with exercise, you are golden!


Quitting nicotine can cause the body to have withdrawal symptoms. Severe symptoms can make people go back to smoking. A better option would be to replace cigarettes with electronic cigarettes. 

They function with liquid flavors in them. This way, you get the nicotine dose without taking in other harmful substances like tar, benzene, and other carcinogens. If you are in Karachi, then it is especially easy for you to find vape shops. If you are looking for Vape Shops In Karachi, then visit vape cave. It is one of the best vape stores in Karachi that offers premium vape products and accessories. 

Here you can find quality devices and high-quality flavors that’ll assist you in quitting smoking. You can also order products online from the website.

Final Words

To wrap up, smoking is a bane that’s damaging individuals globally. Those who made a choice to quit it should always be encouraged and helped in any way possible. Making substantial lifestyle changes can help you achieve your goals.

If you are on the path to quitting smoking, then do anything that keeps your will strong. There are countless success stories online that you can read to keep yourself motivated. 

Practically, you should do anything that keeps those poisonous tobacco sticks off your hands!

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