5 Benefits Of Vaping That Can Help You Quit Smoking


Smoking is the leading cause of preventable deaths and diseases in Pakistan. Everyone understands the dangers of smoking, and it is known to be one of the most harmful habits. Even smokers would recommend others not to start smoking, and most of them try to quit smoking but quitting smoking isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Most people wish to reduce or quit smoking. Therefore they try different ways. However, most people don’t know how vaping is the best way to quit smoking habits. While some people may use vaping as a fun activity, it can help them transition from smoking.

E-cigarettes work as a less harmful alternative to regular cigarettes. Hence transitioning to vaping can help you reduce or quit your smoking habits. Thus here are some of the benefits of smoking that can help you quit smoking for good.

Control Your Nicotine Intake: 

Standard cigarettes don’t allow you to control or monitor your nicotine intake. It’s even possible to consume more nicotine as you keep increasing your cigarette count. Hence a vape allows you to control your nicotine intake by providing various e-fluids available in various nicotine levels.

You can monitor and gradually reduce your nicotine consumption if you smoke 15-20 or more cigarettes daily. It would be best if you use a high nicotine e-fluid to satisfy your nicotine itch. The highest nicotine present in an e-fluid is 18mg in a 10 ml bottle.

You can quickly reduce the nicotine level each time you buy an e-liquid or what other way you see fit. One more way to add nicotine is through nicotine salts such as Blvk Ice Berry Peach Salt. As it can provide, you added flavor as well.

Less Harmful Chemicals:

A tobacco cigarette contains an average of 7000 chemicals that enter your body when you inhale the smoke. Tobacco is a harmful chemical itself that sticks to your lungs and is the leading cause of several diseases.

Vape, on the other hand, doesn’t produce smoke and neither contains tobacco. An e-cigarette works through a coil installed to produce heat that burns the e-liquid, which produces vapor. Chemicals present in the e-fluid which do not stick to your lungs and evaporate immediately.

A vape contains considerably fewer chemicals as compared to a regular cigarette. Thus making it less harmful. In a tobacco cigarette, you might burn gasses such as carbon monoxide, whereas vapes contain vapor, and no smoke is involved.

Secondhand Vapor:

You don’t have to worry about the safety of others anymore because vapes do not emit smoke that is injurious to health for you or others. There is no secondhand smoke, as there is only secondhand vapor that is harmless.

Secondhand smoke from a cigarette is harmful to others around you, but that’s not the case with vapes. There is neither any smoke nor an unpleasant odor in a vape that can harm or make people around you uncomfortable. As the odor of vapes is significantly pleasant.


The best benefit that you get in a vape is the variety. You get a wide range of flavors, accessories, and customizable options. There are e-liquids available to the extent that you can’t try them all. In a standard cigarette, you don’t get these many options.

You can also try nicotine salts that soften the throat. If you prefer a light flavor that doesn’t provide a strong hit to your throat, you can try nicotine salts. If you are looking for an exquisite nicotine salt for the best experience, you should try Blvk Ice Berry Kiwi Salt.

Accessible almost everywhere:

Along with a flavorful experience, you get the benefit of using vapes in places where smoking is not allowed. There are many places where smoking is prohibited, but vaping is not. Thus you can satisfy your nicotine urges almost anywhere easily.


There are a few ways of quitting your smoking habits, but none are as effective as transitioning to vaping. Transitioning from smoking to vaping is a healthier alternative. The benefits mentioned above of vaping are just a few, but they fulfill their purpose of proving how better vaping is compared to smoking.

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