3 Tips That Would Help You Commit To Vaping


Vaping is considered as the best way to reduce or quit smoking. Most people have transitioned from vaping because of the benefits that it holds over smoking regular cigarettes. Not only is vaping less harmful as compared to smoking, but it is also an accessible activity.

Most smokers believe that transitioning to vaping is easy. However, some would disagree with the statement and say that vaping does not satisfy the smoking requirements. Transitioning from smoking to vaping might be easy for some, but others have difficulty commit to it.

It’s common to face some difficulties when switching a long-term habit. Some people are lucky and determined to transition to vaping successfully. That being said, vaping can be challenging for many people because switching from the simplicity of smoking to the complex world of coils, VG/PG ratios, nicotine levels, etc., can be tricky.

So if you could resist the tobacco itch and didn’t like vaping the first time you tried it, here are some tips that can help you commit to vaping.

  1. Try a quality vaping device: 

The most common reasons people like or dislike vaping revolved around what vaping devices they used. A quality vaping device such as Uwell Caliburn G can help you get a better experience. 

There are three basic categories of electronic cigarettes available such as.

  • Cig-a-likes (these are the ones that look like regular cigarettes)
  • E-Go e-cigarettes (slightly bigger from cig-a-likes that have a button and a tank for e-fluid)
  • Mods (these are advanced and large e-Gigi rates that come with all the features)

The main problem is that not all devices provide the level of satisfaction commit that you need. If you don’t get the hit you need, you can always try other vaping devices. A recommended device for you would be the Uwell Caliburn Kit, as it is best suited for transitioning from smoking.

  1. Balance ease of access and satisfaction:

Most people do not prefer mods because they are large and have a complex design. People who are transitioning from smoking, they are used to the simple nature of smoking. Hence, they might have a problem using a complicated device, especially when they have just started vaping.

The best option for ensuring ease of access would be to prefer a cig-alike or an e-go cigarette that is easy to carry and could prove helpful while traveling. However, you must not compromise the satisfaction because of the ease of access.

It is essential to create a perfect balance between satisfaction and ease of use. Therefore you need to choose the right e-cigarette for you. All mods don’t come in large sizes, and not all of them have to be complicated. Thus you can get a compact mod for better satisfaction and convenience.

  1. Discover new flavors:

When most smokers start vaping, they directly go towards a tobacco flavored e-liquid or a menthol e-liquid to get a familiar taste like a regular cigarette. It is a good initial strategy, but once you get used to vaping, the desire for tobacco flavors starts to fade, and the desire for fruity flavors increases.

Trying out new and different flavors can maximize your vaping experience and make it easier for you to enjoy vaping. You don’t have to start doing so right away, but considering this option may benefit you.

The key to picking out the right flavor depends mainly on your personal preference. You can also customize your e-fluid in terms of VG/PG ratio and nicotine levels to get the best level of satisfaction.


Without a doubt, one of the easiest ways to reduce or quit the harmful habit of smoking is by transitioning to vaping. Although it may come as a breeze to many people, some people face a hard time making a successful switch from smoking. Therefore, the tips, as mentioned earlier, can help you successfully switch and commit to vaping.

However, if you search for quality vaping devices like Uwell Caliburn Koko or any other, along with other vaping accessories, Vape Cave will be the best place for you. As we try our best to provide the best level of comfort and convenience there is.

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