3 Best Vapes to Buy


Vapes or e-cigarettes came into being in 2003. Before this, people only mainly smoked cigarettes in their daily life. Cigarettes are easy to get addicted to and hard to leave. Vapes came as a strong competitor to cigarettes. With the benefits a vape provided, people were and are compelled to shift towards vape.

Over the past two decades, the world has seen a lot of advancement. This is why e-cigarettes have been improved and advanced as well. They are now mostly known as vapes or vaporizers. These vaporize or vapes work without lighting them or without a match. Instead, as the name “e-cigarettes” says, they are electronic devices. The main components of a vape are:

·         Battery

·         Tank

·         Coil

The battery powers the coil, then the coil, in turn, heats the e-juice in the tank and converts it into an aerosol that the user smokes.

Today, there exist multiple vapes from different brands. People when choosing a vape are often confused due to a wide variety but don’t worry; we are here to guide you on which ones are the best currently. 

The best ones out there and the ones you can easily find on vape cave are mentioned below:

Voopoo Vinci Pod Kit

This is an excellent one for the beginning of vaping; here, you will know why. It is one of the latest by Voopoo in the Vinci line. The design is sleek; that is, it is compact, and you can find multiple colors in it.

The battery is 800mAH which means your vape can last long the whole day without any problem. To charge the battery, there is type-C USB charging given. Voopoo’s gene chip powers the vape with a power output of 15W.

Pod in this vape has a 2ml capacity and is attached with a 0.8-ohm coil. They have been stored in a closed structure, thus no leaking structure.

Uwell Caliburn Koko Prime

Uwell Caliburn Koko is very famous all around the world. Not only is it famous, but the first choice for many who have been vaping for some time now. Their popularity started with the original Caliburn, and it has not gone down ever since.

Now, Uwell Caliburn Koko prime is the new sensation among its users. It is not entirely different from the previous vapes of the Koko line. However, the design is unique to all. The Koko prime is a small, square-shaped vape. It is compact and thus easy to carry. The surface is curved of prime, unlike the previous Koko vapes.

The pod has a 2ml capacity, and you get two 1.0-ohm Caliburn G coils in the kit. There is a window at the pod side that lets you check the quantity of e-juice in the pod. The prime comes with a 690mAH battery and 15W output. The battery is enough to last the whole day.

Innokin I.O

Usually, when getting hold of vaping, people want designs that are low-key and not too flashy. Innokin I.O provides you that design with superb vaping qualities. The manufacturer claims that this pod size is the same as a cigarette. Isn’t that cool? With this size, it becomes a whole lot easier to carry, and well, it looks superb too.

The battery capacity of Innokin I.O is 310mAH and is charged with a micro-USB charging port. There is no complication of the switch as well. You can just suck the pod directly. The pods can be refilled with any e-juice you would like. It can hold up to 0.8-1ml of e-juice. The pod is refilled from the bottom.

There is a slight downside here: when a coil has been damaged or expired, you will have to replace the whole pod. You cannot just replace the coil alone. Overall, it is lightweight and small with a metal outlook. So, it feels lavish even with its exceptionally sleek design.

Final Thoughts

Usually, anyone who has been vaping for a long time knows which vape to choose next. The beginners face the problem of choosing a vape. So, we tried and conveyed to you the best vapes you can choose for your first time. Do note that Koko prime is an excellent choice for long-time vapers too. 

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