3 Best Tanks For Your Box Mod

Tanks are the main thing for your vaping experience. The coil system is housed in the tanks, and they are the reason why you get the best flavor as well as a massive cloud production. Most of these tanks are made and designed for big clouds. All of these tanks require high-power mods capable of packing large numbers of wattages. These tanks have an improved airflow which lets you control it as per your needs. Many tanks come with coils installed in them. However, you can change them according to your preferences.

If you are thinking of getting your hands on the best tanks for your box mod, then check out our blog. You will read about the tanks that you can get.

Dovpo Blotto RTA:

Dovpo, a vaping brand, has teamed up with the YouTuber Vaping Bogan to come up with something that is incredibly amazing. The Blotto RTA is an outstanding tank for the vapers out there who want to get the best vaping experience from their vaping device.

Blotto RTA has a 25.6 mm RTA which have a glass and two bubble tanks. There’s also another glass and one Ultem. The straight glass can hold 2mL of vape juice, while the bubble tank can easily accommodate 6mL of e-juice. The company is using a new feature which they call ‘dual diffusion airflow’ for a better and smooth draw. There’s an airflow on the bottom with honeycomb-style holes. This is where the air enters from the bottom of the tank and from the sides. This gives 242 degrees of airflow hitting your coils.

Dovpo is a famous brand for dropping high-quality RTA, which is perfect for vapers who want to get a maxed-out vaping experience. Dovpo has been serving many items of vaping in Pakistan. You can always count on Vape Cave for Dovpo box mods and RTAs.

DigiFlavor Drop V1.5 RDA:

DigiFlavor’s Drop was a massive hit for the company, as well as the vapers, went crazy once they found out about this tank. It is a total beast for people who want to go the extra mile for the vaping experience. DigiFlavor has been blessing the vaping industry with its outstanding tanks and atomizers for vapers across the world.

Drop V1.5 RDA is a beefier version of the Drop RDA. This tank comes with a dual coil system, and its deck of it is pretty much similar to the original Drop RDA. If we compare it with the original, there’s a new airflow system in it. You will get everything in the kit to kickstart your vaping experience.

This tank will be an ideal pick for you if you want incredible flavor with huge cloud production. Pair with a high-power mod and jack up big batteries and go on a vaping journey.

DigiFlavor Torch RTA:

DigiFlavor has another entry in this list, and we mentioned the Drop V1.5 now it’s time we put some light on the DigiFlavor Torch. This atomizer is an incredible option for vapers who want a next-level vaping experience. It comes with outstanding airflow, and it is leak-proof. The cherry on top of this atomizer is that you can put it on any box mod if you want. It will give you a perfect flavor as well as better cloud production.

Users can also choose the single or dual coil build as per their needs whenever they are going for a vaping session.

Final Thoughts:

Aftermarket tanks are an incredible thing that has ever happened to the vaping industry. You can equip these tanks for a more advanced vaping experience. All you have to do is put them on your box mod, and you are in for a treat.

If you are looking to grab a pod system and check Koko Prime Vision’s review on the internet, then you can get it from Vape Cave.

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