Switch s1/sx prefilled pods


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Prefilled pods are an ideal option for vapers who want to try out new flavors in their devices. They’re filled with flavors that are combined with nicotine salts. Switch S1 prefilled pods comes with amazing flavors. They are rich in flavors with a little amount of premium nicotine is added into these flavors. These prefilled pods produce 250 puffs per pod approximately. Each Switch prefilled pod contains 0.9ml volume inside them, where the vape juice is stored. These pods are only compatible with Switch S1 Device.

Switch S1 prefilled pods are available at VapeCave. You can order yours today!

Product features:

  • Compatible with Switch S1 Device.
  • Pack of four disposable Switch S1 pods.
  • Flavors: Fizzy Cola, Energy Drink, Lemonade, and Iced Coffee.
  • Nicotine strength: 3-5% / Pod
  • Volume:9ml / Pod
  • 250 Puffs / Pod

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