Strawberry Pom – Naked 100 Menthol – 60mL


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GG Vapes is the number one vaping brand that has brought a revolution in the vaping industry with its wide range of amazing flavour. The Strawberry Pom is one of our most celebrated flavours that leaves the vapers craving for more. This E-liquid is the perfect fusion of exotic strawberry flavour and mind-relaxing nicotine free base. With just one puff of this, you will send yourself straight to your utopia. This refreshing strawberry flavour will make your taste bud tingle with joy. The additional kick of menthol inside will make your brain freeze, making you leave all of your worries behind.

This flavour is available in a container of 60 ML, allowing you to take as many puffs as your heart desires without constantly worrying about running out of the e-liquid. Furthermore, the packing of our E-liquids is very carefully, therefore, you would not have to worry about the leakage and about the flavour going bad.

Surprisingly, this worthwhile fruity experience will cost you as little as 2,500 rupees, so grab it before it runs out!