STLTH Crisp Apple (2 Pods Per Pack)

Another amazing addition to the STLTH range is the Crisp Apple pod. These pods come with a rich aroma of farm-fresh apples that can transport you to a heavenly land when the fusion of apples with the perfect amount of sweetness melts in your mouth. As a smoker aiming to transition to vaping for a healthier alternative, this is just the perfect pick for you. Not only will you be able to make the switch successfully but also fulfill your sweet tooth whenever need be. If you are on a diet and cannot afford to devour apple tarts and pies, here’s the solution to satisfy all your cravings with zero sugar intake. This pod provides an intense level of tobacco that helps in maximizing the flavor and gives the perfect throat hit. The nicotine blend is silky smooth and
enriched with the sweetness essential to make the switch from regular tobacco.


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