Nasty Mango Grape


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Nasty Mango Grape is now the most popular flavour on Vape Cave thanks to its unique flavour and aroma. The e-liquid is packed with the tanginess of grapes and the sweet taste of mangoes to give you’re a double punch of taste. Nasty Mango Grape is known for its long-lasting taste and cloud production as it is prepared with the best ingredients to give your vaping experience a boost that you have been missing out on. The flavour is great for anyone who wants to quit those minty flavours and come back to fruity fun.

You can find Nasty Mango Grape in the nicotine content of your choice because nasty makes sure that your vaping experience is amazing every single time. You will not need to switch to another flavour ever again once you take a hit of Nasty Mango Grape. So, feel free to order it now, if you want something new.

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