Big Apple ICED by POP! Vapors


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Big Apple ICED by FRUIT POP! Vapors is a blend of refreshingly tart red apples pressed into a delightfully sweet concentrate coupled with rejuvenating menthol to make for a pleasantly cool and tasty eJuice.

Whether you reside in the central city, outskirts of it, or any remote area, by getting this Big Apple iced, you would be doing yourself huge favors.

This authentic blend is designed to appease a wide range of taste buds. Therefore whether you have sweet tooth or a penchant for sourness, this e-liquid would make you instantly fall in love with it.

Since this blend is composed of all immaculate elements, you can also gift it to your friends without wondering if they would like it or not.

Besides, vaping for leisure and gifting to friends, you can also use this vape juice to relieve your stress. The cool menthol folded inside the crispy sweet apple is potent enough to invigorate every cell in your body.

Furthermore, this blend also gives the best cloud, so no matter how much dense and giant you want your vape clouds to be, this juice has all to offer.

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