7 Daze Salt – ICED Reds Apple 30ml


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Ever tried a succulent red apple that is oozing sweet and sour juice?

Ever wondered how it would feel if you could enjoy that same awesome flavor without worrying about juice dripping down your hands and face?

If this is the case then be glad, for we have brought you the vape juice of your dreams. The flavor train of the blend carries both bold and mild elements of an authentic red apple.

The overwhelming sweetness of this juice is balanced by menthol that can invigorate every cell in your body.

By getting this exotic vape juice, you would get the combo of all the nice things including the powerful nicotine kick.

Although this blend is mostly sweet the sharp elements are also added, which only enhance your vaping experience. So by getting this vape juice, you have sharp notes of sour apple wrap-up with exotic sweetness and mind-blowing ice!

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