IQOS Heated Tobacco

We know how vaping technology works but do you know there’s another amazing alternative to this? The Heat-Not-Burn technology from IQOS devices. They use a different technology as compared to e-cigarettes, i.e. a tobacco heating process. These devices use real tobacco, not the vape juice that is found in e-cigarettes. The concept behind the heat-not-burn process is that it allows its user to experience what looks and feels like smoking a cigarette, but without inhaling combusted tobacco. 

IQOS Devices at Vape Cave:

IQOS devices are based on a three-part system that includes a holder, a charger and HEETS tobacco sticks. You have to load these tobacco sticks inside your device to experience the heated tobacco from your IQOS device. We have the whole arsenal of IQOS tobacco sticks as well as the starter kits at Vape Cave. 

IQOS Tobacco Sticks:

IQOS has a great collection of tobacco sticks that gives you a wonderful experience.

IQOS HEETS Silver Selection: A rich blend of smooth tobacco that is light as a breeze. Loading this tobacco stick will surely give you an amazing taste on the inhale. 

IQOS HEETS Bronze Selection: A soft and luscious taste of tobacco with the notes of luxurious cocoa and dried fruit. Putting this tobacco stick will make you relaxed and satisfied.

IQOS HEETS Purple Wave: A tasty concoction of fragrant tobacco with a fresh breeze of cold paired with a fantastic aroma of dark forest fruits. Something that is rich, satisfying, and flavorful, and will keep you hooked and glued to your IQOS device. 

IQOS HEETS Amber Selection: A luscious and tangy mixture of smooth and subtly flavorful balanced tobacco paired with light nutty top notes that will fulfil your tobacco needs. Once you take a puff of this amazing blend, you will keep coming for more. 

Who’s stopping you from delving into this amazing experience? Get the IQOS devices from Vape Cave and have a good time satisfying your tobacco needs.

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