Iced Fruit Pop E-Juice

POP! Vapors is a modern brand concept that puts taste first. POP! Vapors, brought to you by the brains behind The Milkman, is a new take on a wide range of flavor options that can both annoy and thrill its consumers. Are you all set for the summer? These iced models will keep you cool with a cooling kick on those humid summer days!!

A big apple WHY ARE THESE APPLES, ICED? It’s the same sensation as chewing into a new, juicy apple. The big apple is perfection without a doubt. Any day of the week, this taste will surely be loved.

Iced Mango strawberry is unstoppable! Strawberry enhances the taste of the mango, leaving you craving more. POP! Iced mango strawberry is unquestionably the diva for the ultimate fruit flavors!

KIWI STRAWBERRY ICED Strawberry is a killer pair that pays homage to the vape industry’s modest beginnings. Don’t get it twisted, this distinctly tart and sweet blend transcends tradition to produce a flavor you’ll want to chase all the time!

Blueberry Lemonade ICED there’s no reason to be angry! Every bottle contains an equal amount of lemonade, blueberries, and clouds. Blueberry Lemonade is a refreshingly sweet drink with only enough blueberry to make it interesting.