Smoking to Vaping: Is It Worth the Switch?


E-cigarettes have been taking the market by storm in recent years. The reason is that it is deemed relatively safer than smoking tobacco. Governments in the UK and the US have even started encouraging smokers to switch by allowing this device as a prescription.

Various studies proved that those who switch from cigarettes to vapes can live substantially longer. Due to its safer profile, millions of people have been leaning towards the habit of vaping. Due to the increasing demands, electronic cigarettes prices have significantly reduced, and these devices have become readily available in Pakistan as well as other countries.

If you are thinking about making the switch but can’t make the decision, you have come to the right place. Here we discuss some facts that will help you make the decision:

Health Effects:

Cigarette smoke exposes the consumer to a high concentration of tobacco. Tobacco is an addicting agent and has the ability to make the user-dependent. Not only that, when you smoke a cigarette, it leaves a puff of smoke, surrounding you and the ones nearby. This smoke contains various injurious chemicals like ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, lead, arsenic, and nicotine. These chemical compounds can significantly harm the lungs of the active as well as passive smoker.

On the other hand, electronic cigarettes are designed to be smoke-free. They contain nicotine, which gives a similar experience to cigarette smoke but does not significantly harm the health of the smoker. Additionally, you or your surrounding environment does not get exposed to harmful chemicals as there is no smoke released. We recommend reviewing the risks associated with each before making your decision.

Mess-free Smoking:

The smoke, ash, and smell of roll-ups are difficult for smokers to keep up with. Not only that, the contents found in cigarette smoke can disturb sleep by making the consumer wheeze at night. Vaping can help reduce the amount of craving by reducing tobacco intake and switching it with low concentration nicotine in e-cigarettes.

Additionally, electronic devices do not contain ash, smoke, or other messy elements found in cigarette smoke. You can choose to have a disposable vape pen if you want to try out different flavors. On the other hand, if you are more into something that lasts longer, get your hands on a vape pod.


While smoking only contains the basic flavor of tobacco that is most craved by smokers, e-cigarettes contain various flavors. So when you switch from smoking to vaping, you get to experience different flavors combined with the nicotine hit to satisfy your craving. This way, you can slowly get out of the habit of tobacco by first eliminating the smell to let your tongue get used to different flavors. After that, your cravings will automatically reduce with time.

Explore the wide range of flavors available in the vape market, and you are definitely going to find something you love. Once you figure out your favorite flavor, visit Vape Cave to stock up on it. We have red ice apple watermelon salt as well as other e-liquids and salt flavors.

The Device:

Smoking roll-ups, pipes, and conventional sticks all have their own charm. But the sleek design e-cigarette devices offer is unmatchable. They come in different shapes, sizes, and configurations, so you can choose your perfect match. From compact and simple vape pens to hefty and complicated devices, every design has something different to offer.

To sum it up, you should consider all factors before making a decision about switching from smoking to vaping. Weigh the risks over benefits, and then find your own reason to switch. You can head over to our website if you are trying to quit your smoking habits through e-cigarettes. We are stocked with all kinds of vaping kits, e liquids, and accessories. 

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