If you’re bored of the zesty or sour flavors in your E-Juice or nicotine salts, this Ice banana nicotine salt is precisely what you need. This flavor combines the perfect flavor of creamy texture with expertly blended menthol to give you a nicotine boost and help you forget about your concerns! You can’t use this for Sub-Ohm technology since it’s nicotine salt, not E-liquid or E-juice.

However, with the correct equipment, it tastes like heaven. With ice-cold menthol and a sweet banana mixture, the nicotine packed inside these nicotine salts tastes incredible. Due to its distinct flavor and scent, it may readily attract the attention of your peers and passers-by. But that’s not all; these nicotine salts are also wonderful for boosting your mood.

Get your hands on Ice Banana Salt Plus BLVK Unicorn now from Vape Cave and experience a new sphere of vaping.

If you are tired off of the citrusy or tangy flavors of your E- Juice or nicotine salts, then this Ice banana nicotine salt is just perfect for you. This flavor contains the immaculate essence of ripe banana along with meticulously added menthol to give you a nicotine kick and ward off all your worries! Since this is nicotine salt and not E-liquid or E-juice, you cannot use it for Sub-Ohm technology. However, it tastes like a paradise if put in the right equipment. The nicotine mixed inside these nicotine salt tastes exquisite with ice-cooled menthol and sweet banana blend. Being, unique in taste and fragrance, it can easily grab the attention of your peers and people who are just passing by. However, this is not all, these nicotine salt by Grey Gorilla Vaping Co. are also great for uplifting your mood and fending off your anxiety.


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