Blu Nom Enon

Blue Nomenon is an e-liquid by Nomenon. It gives a blasting flavor of blue raspberry with a tickle of sourness. This juice is unique and special because of its tangy taste. This e-liquid is a perfect combination of blue raspberry with nicotine that gives the most extraordinary sense of euphoria.

Nomenon E-liquids offer a wide range of fruity flavors to enhance vaping. They produce the best quality of juices to ensure an everlasting experience for vapers. After their immense hard work and research, they develop the most precise flavors to give vapers an incredible vaping sensation.


  • Its primary flavors are blueberry and hard candy.
  • The size of the bottle is 120 milliliters.
  • It has a medium level of sweetness.
  • Its a plastic dropper bottle with a child-resistant cap

This e-liquid is popular among those vapers who enjoy the fruity flavor of vape. It intensifies the vapor by giving an ideal hit on the lungs. Buy this now!





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