Regulated Kits

Scared of overheating your electronic cigarettes or short circuits? Get yourself a Regulated Mod Kit right away. The Regulated Kits saves you from encountering dangerous situations. These mods continually regulate electricity flow with the help of an internal circuit board. The battery remains safe from the risk of overheating as the mods connect the battery to the coils.

Whether you’re an pro vaper looking to enhance your experience, or a novice looking to embark on your journey of vaping; the Regulated Kits will work best for you. These devices enable the user to control power output and temperature of the coils.

Some of the top-selling Regulated Kits include the all-famous Vaporesso Luxe 80S Starter Kit, Geekvape Z50, Argus GT, and many more. These advanced vape kits come with super amazing features. For instance, they come with digital screens, giving you control over setting to optimize the hit you need, along with other attractive features.