Sub-Ohm tank is also referred to as sub-Ohming. It refers to using an electronic cigarette with a coil with a resistance level less than one ohm.

Many normal vaporizers have resistances ranging from 1.5 to 3 Ohms (they are above –Ohm). O the resistance is very high. However, there is less resistance with sub-Ohm systems. Because of the increased current that passes through the coil, the atomizer coil heats up faster, vaporises more liquid, produces more robust taste, and produces thicker clouds.

There are risks associated with sub-Ohm vaping, particularly when people who do not understand the dynamics of electricity create mods or coils incorrectly. This is the cause of vaping incidents, which often result in injuries and damaged equipment.

However, you can safely use sub-Ohm vape if you use high-quality materials; take the time to learn about the various coils, their wattage, and which combinations work best. Also, make sure the battery does not overheat when powering the coils.