RTA tanks (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) – a type of rebuildable atomizer (RBA) with a posted deck and a sealed metal chamber cap. It is surrounded by a tank pool that contains the e-juice. The chamber cap is attached to a chimney that guides vapour to the drip tip.

Gravity and pressure work together to force the e-juice into the tank, down the chamber cap, and eventually up through the channels that run around the girth of the deck. The ends of the soaking wick are put in these tubes, and the e-liquid is diffused from the wick to the coil for vaporisation.

Aside from these minor drawbacks, RTAs are excellent setups for fine vapour development and flavour production. Professional vapers assume that good quality RTAs offer the full potential of e-juice flavours, similar to an RDA setup, which is known for its superiority in dishing out the ideal blend of vape smoke.

RTAs are more convenient to use than RDAs because they have a juice tank, which removes the need to drip and take a bottle of e-juice with you everywhere you go. RTAs often save you money due to their low maintenance requirements and affordable parts.